Petrol lack

No gas over 300km!

Since the revolution there is an remarkable lack of gas in Egypt. In Cairo it is easier to find gas but in Upper Egypt it really is a difficult and a long term project to get the gas you need. Between Cairo and Minia on a distance of 30km we maybe found 3 gas stations with gasoline but no with fuel of 90 or 92 octane.

There are at least three different explanations for this situation. Egypt does not have oil or a refinery. So till now always the products like gasoline or fuel had to be imported. Some say the since the revolution in Lybia Egypt doesn’t get gas anymore from Lybia. Lack of money? Lack of gas in Lybia? Who knows. Some say Egypt is to much supporting Gaza meaning Hamas. This support is not very appreciated by the liberal Egyptian people. And the last maybe best explanation means that there is no petrol lack at all, but a problem of distribution in Egypt. Its a question of money and black market! So as the rich are in Cairo and not in Upper Egypt, gas also stays there.

Several times we saw taxi drivers queuing up at a gas station. While waiting the empty their gas tank into barrels which they can sell at a much higher price. They get more money buy selling gas then by driving taxi. It is forbidden to fill gas into barrels at the station. But who cares? So all cars are allways carring at least one full barrel with them, just in case you don’t find gas.